Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blackberry Bramble...

We did it! 70 miles later, the Blackberry Bramble was finished, and I was one tired biker.

Thankfully my dad and his good friend Rob let me suck their back wheel for the last 20 miles and pulled me into the finish line where a piece of blackberry pie a la mode was waiting. yummmmmm! My back, neck, butt, and of course legs were feeling it. Nothing that a good soak in a hot tub and some awesome food couldn't cure!
Forrest had some good Grandma time, even if he did go on a bit of a sleeping strike. "Too many good things to see out in Eugene mom!"
The ride was about how I expected, good for the first half, and REALLY hard the last half. Primarily due to the fact I just haven't been able to spend a lot of time on the bike...which I expected.
Overall I'm happy with how it went. Eugene was beautiful, the food at friend's Rob and Sherry's house was awesome, and my goal was met!

Forrest spent a lot of time in his car seat this trip...7 hour drive! He did surprisingly well, and mom spent the time sucking down 2 pounds of blueberries she found on the side of the road....

MMMMM. I love summer!


Ashley said...

Good Job Katie!

Sheelagh said...

You are awesome! I'm impressed and in awe of you! Congrats for meeting your goal!