Monday, December 14, 2009

9 month old Forrest G.

Yes, 9 months TODAY!
Boy, what a busy time for ALL of us. I can only imagine what's going on in our little boy's head. He is turning into more of a boy every day. Still cuddly like a baby, but he LOVES the outdoors and with our recent cold snap, this is a bit difficult. Alex calls him a Fargo baby when I bundle him up from baby hairs to toes...somehow though he always gets a bit cold. Those baby hands turn out beet red.
I guess it doesn't help that he loves water of all kinds. Today, we got a break in the weather with no rain and 43 degree temps. So we went tromping. He's not quite walking on his own but its fun to let him lead the way in our huge "yard" and let him go where his little heart desires. He quickly found our fence and a lone chair with water.
And the water immediately got him. This face tells all....
The bath is also his favorite, and ours too. In his "I've had enough of mom, dad, and this house" which routinely hits at about 5:30 pm, into the bath he goes and he's happy as a shriveled up raisin for an hour.
It's great. A little baby jacuzzi.

His gourmet baby tastes are also changing. He's moved on to food with texture icluding CHEERIOS! Our new favorite. He won't feed them to himself yet, making the parents do this job, but he definitely is preferring foods with a bit more substance these days, and also good ole organic, (or home juiced) apple juice, watered down pretty well. He glugs it down in his sippy cup like he's a parched baby living in a desert...or just a baby living indoors a lot with a dry wood stove. He's still getting the mom milk, and doing well with that.
He's got the words mama, dada, and a lot of baby garble, shrieks, cries, and laughs down pat and is very vocal.
Still is not a crawler, more of a slitherer and furniture surfer. And as of this morning he is can now pull himself up in his crib after his naps and be found standing just waiting to make the leap over the railing....uggghhhh. Gotta do something about that. I'm praying our crib mattress can be moved down a touch.
And still no teeth. And not much hair. It's great. :-)
Don't know his exact weight, but he's fitting into many 12 month clothes pretty well, with just a little room to spare, and 9 month duds are becoming a bit small.
And, he amazingl still fits in his swing.....and loves it for his down time. Mom and dad have their comfy lazy boys, and Forrest has his swing. Here is a little comparison shot, Forrest at 3 weeks old,
and at 9 months.
I find it amazing he can sleep! But he almost prefers it, hanging his head off the side and taking in the view upside down.I think the thing has a 20 lb weight limit. But it's still rockin and works as long as he's strapped in tight! A nice cozy winter.
He still sleeps well most nights, with exceptions. Last night he decided he was thirsty, ( I think from my mama mind reading skills that hone in at 1:30am,) and screamed like he was being branded for quite awhile before I caught on and gave him some water. And then he was up again at 5:30 wanting milk. So I guess it's hit and miss. But for the most part he's down at 7:30 for the night until about 6am. And then will often go down again after milk for another hour or so. Makes for an eventful day with few naps, but we do feel very lucky we've got a good sleeper.He also wakes up a couple of times because he's kicked his blankets off or lost his pacifier. Yep, still a total baby plug guy. I'm mentally preparing myself for when I decide to make the thing disappear. I think soon here we will make the decision to limit it at nap time and bed time only....but easier said than done.
We are loving him up more and more each day. His smiles and shrieks are amazing and make us crack up. He's so fun, and even when he's challenging, those laughs get you every time. He is such an amazing kiddo.....


Roundy Clan said...

I can't believe he will still go in his swing! That's awesome.

Sheelagh said...

He sounds like so much fun! To have a whole farm to explore! That's awesome and so great of you to take him out in all kinds of temperatures. Does he crawl all around the place? How do you let him "lead the way"?

Fultmeyer Clan said...

He walks Sheelagh....I just hold his hands and let him lead. He loves it and it really tires him out after awhile which is a win win situation for the obvious reasons....!