Monday, March 15, 2010

Day #366

Or, rather, the first day of Forrest's 2nd year of life was spent OUTSIDE with his mama. We were blessed by a beautiful spring day, and I couldn't think of anything I would rather do besides soaking up the sunshine in the garden. So in went the Bok Choi and spinach starts that have been growing steadily in our green house, and three different types of carrots were started.
As I raked, fertilized, and planted, thoughts of where I was just one year ago, a very very new mama, in the hospital with a day old infant, and still very much fresh from the experience of birth. The emotions of that time, and the stark contrast of this day, beautiful and sunny, spent outside, with that same day old infant now running everywhere, curious as a new little being should, and as loving as you can imagine a one year old can be.
It was a great day to spend with my one year old boy. And I look forward this year to experiencing spring with him in a whole new way! (which I guess comes with the dirt, rocks, and did I mention the eggshells?!!! that seem to make it into his mouth....:-)


Sheelagh said...

what fun! A great way to start the second year.

Ashley said...

Nice bucket!