Sunday, March 21, 2010

Forrest at one year...

Forrest at 12 months....
lots of smiles,
lots of laughing,
lots and LOTS or garbled baby talk and shrieks,
lots of food (this kid can eat! He still loves avocados, eggs are a new favorite, as well as his "baby puffs". He seems more and more interested in what his parents are eating and will often raise a fuss about not getting something that we have.
lots of MILK, (we are transitioning to cow milk currently, and he's handling a half/half mixture just fine.)
lots of tromping and running!
lots of things in his mouth,
a lot of book playing, (he loves to flip through them, upside down, rightside up, whatever, and will do so sometimes for 20 minutes, but if you try to sit down and read with him it's a lost cause...)
a lot of practice with steps and hills, (he can do this for nearly an hour, if you want to help him. He seems to love to find something challenging, like our front porch steps, and go up and down incessently. It's a little scary as I would rather have him learn to slide on his butt so he doesn't biff it hard. But, I like that he likes challenges and can concentrate on a task...
lots of good nighttime sleep, WHEN we are at home.
a little whining, (we are trying to get him to use words and point when he wants something instead of the far, not so sucessful...though he has started pointing more.)
a little food throwing,
a little attachment to his pacifier and blankie, (just nap and bed time...we'll work on this soon, at least in terms of the binkie,)
a little antsy on planes, (to put it mildly...:-)
a little attached to his mama and dad, (stranger or more an "away from home" anxiety has shown it's face).

******It is so crazy to think that exactly 1 year ago, this little boy was this teeny tiny newborn, 1 week old. Now he is just a ball of energy, running everywhere, and very interactive. Isn't it amazing how much someone learns in just 1 year? Does this keep happening at this rate?
We are very happy and proud of our little boy in this household, and amazed every day. He's a handful, but in a great way...


Courtney said...

What a happy lookin' kid! :)

Sheelagh said...

He's so cute! I love Mr. Forest G!