Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now to discuss the one year old issues....

So...despite the fact Forrest is...of course...the most amazing one year old EVER. And I am so thankful he is my ONE year old son, we...of course...still have some one year old difficulties to work out. I guess, this is normal, right? I mean what older baby/little kid doesn't have some major/minor issues to figure out.
For Forrest they probably are minor for the most part.
For one, he has taken the weaning from nursing like a champ, and has breezed through the whole transition from formula to our organic, (we least most of the time...) cow's milk. He also has done very well getting used to day care two days a week. And....sleeps through the night on a regular basis...10-12 hours...yes, the dream baby.!!!!
Forrest is a bit of a whiner....he doesn't have words yet, and the ones he has, (mama, dada,) he doesn't use all that often. So he often gets in his whiney moods, and won't tell us what he wants, and simply whines, paces, crys, and carries on until we guess at his needs. And we, ( Alex and I ,) are pretty damn good at guessing at this point as after all we have been doing it for a year. Our wonderful (in a "do you EVER get upset and scream?" sort of way,) day care lady Robin noticed this a couple weeks ago and encouraged us to try to get Forrest to point and use words....
easier said then done...
Yes, he has been known to point, but when his lovely, and experienced parents are so used to guessing his needs, ("I bet he wants some milk" OR "How 'bout some baby puffs Forrest?") why does our one year old NEED to use words...really?
Yep,  the first and only, (thus far,) child syndrome I guess. And, the brutal truth, after we failed to teach him any baby sign language?
Though we also have a friend that has a son with 30+ signs and only two words...
At two years.
So, is there a right way?
Our solution is to encourage him, but to not freak out. Kids will be kids. And they do develop on their own time. He is our little boy, he has been known to already walk, at a month and nearly two weeks, 1/2 mile at one time, but to say what he wants....not quite yet.
We are getting better at the pointing though. At least that's something. All well wishers and suggestions greatly appreciated!
Which brings me to problem two.
Forrest, through his baby excitment or just his super duper energy, hits his parents ALL THE TIME.
Anytime in our arms from about two weeks ago till this point, you will get at least one, perhaps two, guaranteed slaps/hits/baby punches.
I know this is normal at this age. And most likely just his excitement. But really, oh experienced moms out there, (or just friends that have an idea or two!)
How can I let him know this isn't ok?
His slaps can get painful, and they seem to be increasing.
I tell him "NO" and he smiles, even giggles, and does it again with more furry.
Not so fun.....
With Alex it is slightly different, as when he says "NO" he cries and is in a pissy baby mood for about 10 minutes and has then forgotten it.
Any suggestions are welcome.
And for Baby Problem #3
The Massive head bonks.
Other then putting a helmet on his head I see know way around this. It's like his dirt eating. They've got to learn, right? I can only be there so much, baby proof so anally, and worry about him so often. But a baby....growing to be a kid....will be a kid....right?
It is just that, working in the medical field, I tend to see the bad, most nightmarish end of baby head bonks. As in the "my kid was airlifted to UC Davis for a bleed in the brain from a fall off our kitchen bar" type of stories.
Not so soothing or fun.
He took a good fall down our front porch steps last weekend. He is just fine, thank goodness, but I though he would remember....
Alas, he did not, and tried to take the step of hurt and pain again, within 5 minutes of his first fall.  Needless to say he can now walk up the stairs just fine, but down the stairs is a serious problem. I have tried to teach him how to slide down on his little baby booty, but he refuses. Now Alex and I are watching him nonstop around these said stairs of "hurt", but I know, just know, how fast he can move and am very much scared of the day he escapes our watch.
He will learn eventually, right? Make those connections that taking the step of death of the front porch as a 12 month old leads to some serious battle wounds, plus worse?
A hard head of a son.
Any thoughts, well wishes, stories of success and failure are requested.
Or, just recommendations for a helmet are my next step. At this point I think it would be easier. And battle armor for the parental figures....
For the mean time this mama is just hanging tough and living the 1 year old life....
(Approximately 7 minutes before his took his tumble down the steps....plotting his next adventure, the crazy 1 year old he is....)


Ashley said...

I'm can't offer you any real advice but I can say Riley also laughs and smiles when told "no" and she also keeps testing you!!

Anonymous said...

about the hitting thing...I would say.. when he does it the first time..immediately say, "Be gentle Forrest, do not hit." Try not to yell it..just say it in a stern voice. The stern voice is what he'll hear more than what you're actually saying. if he hits again right after that..i would leave his immediate environment for exactly one minute (keeping safety in mind ofcourse) so he is not getting attention for hitting you. the more you tell a kid "No"..the more attention you are giving them :). I use this with 3 year olds..with disabilities at really they are mentally 1-2 years. Maybe give it a shot?

love megs

Roundy Clan said...

You know we had problems with hitting and we tried everything. I would TRY ( it is almost impossible with a one year old since I try with mine ) but TRY to make eye contact and tell him "Ouch, that hurts mommy!" and make a sad face. That worked really well with Tyler for a while. He didn't want to hurt me, he just wanted attention. Also, you could try using signs. Sometimes sign language helps them understand words better. It is so hard to help them understand that it isn't a game.

Sheelagh said...

Oh Katie! You guys are doing great. That's the most important thing I have to tell you. As far as the other 3 point, I started writing advice about them, but figure I should send you an email so as not to clog up your blog. :-)
I will add though that Jonah has similar issues and is doing well in similar areas as Forest so they MUST be the same age!