Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter smeester....

Forrest's second ever Easter holiday was one of the more forgettable holidays on record. This mama was puking and finding it hard to even muster the energy to raise a finger, not to mention try to feed her baby. Forrest was fighting this same bug and seemed to spew projectile-like on a whim AND was still fighting his endless snot filled nose, and dad was just trying to maintain, and pretend his family wasn't melting down in front of him. The weather gods outside agreed with our germs and the stormy weather fit the feeling nicely.
Mr. Easter Bunny did make a visit though to the Fulton household, though a speedy one, as to not infect him with our hellacious spewing, energy sucking, snot dripping, general super lousy illness.
Forrest rose to the occasion, and in between his long LONG naps his little illness ridden body has necessitated, he thoroughly enjoyed his plastic easter egg gifts, (though would have nothing to do with the baby treats inside, stomach wasn't into that no thankyou!), his new pull frog toy, and the SLINKY!
Seriously, the slinky was the best gift Mr. Easter Bunny could have dreamed. Forrest loves it.
And for Alex and I, we just simply made a bargain with the bunny, good health is all we ask...with maybe a chocolate egg on the a week when we aren't seeing the back of the toilet in our dreams...ugggh.
But I believe what Mr. Bunny and the spirit of the holiday brought us is that rainbows tend to follow storms....:-)


Amy Musser said...

I hope you are feeling better Katie and Forrest-especially since it is a week after easter now!

Ashley said...

That sucks you and Forrest were so ILL for Easter, hope you are on the mend!!