Wednesday, June 16, 2010

15 Months! Eeeeek!

15 month, 30 years.....seemingly young, but so OLD....
Can you see where this post is going!

15 months is like a GROWN-UP baby! Not an infant, a TODDLER!
And yes he is! Walking EVERYWHERE! Running in fact! thriving in the fact he loves grown up things like SALMON! Fresh caught TUNA! Home grown Strawberries! And he talks! Yes, in his baby language still, but it is converSATION! We are convinced he says "Hi there," and "thankyou!" and "this" and "that".
Pretty sweet.

as you may have guessed,
this old lady is currently enjoying her last few days in her twenties!
Yes, I am the quintessential "twenty nine"....just as my baby is not longer a BABY anymore.....
Not as if I haven't already entered adulthood, but this...
Bring it on.....Forrest and I say! I'm glad he's in this with me!


Ashley said...

Happy soon to be 30th Birthday Katie! I am right behind you, I will join you next month!! Have fun and enjoy yourself! And yay for Forrest's new words!

Jonna said...

MAN! He's cute! Happy almost Birthday! Can't wait to catch up.

Sheelagh said...

Oh my! 30!?!?! You ARE old...too bad I can't ever say that with a straight face, as I will always be older. 30's are wonderful! You will love this adult thing...although I do have to say, for the record, 30 doesn't make you grow up...I'm still waiting! :-)

But what's with our skinny tall boys?!?! Forest looks just like Jonah in his diaper and towel, toddling around and acting like they own the place!I hope they don't turn 30 before they actually meet. hehehe

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable!

My thirties have been the best decade yet - I was glad to say farewell to the twenties!!!!