Saturday, June 5, 2010

A lost mind...

It has been one of those months...the one where you seemingly loose all your important valuables, one after another!
It's actually been humanity helping me do the "loosing". 3 weeks ago my car keys were lifted from the cream and sugar table at a cafe where my bestie Myra and I were filling our need for caffeine. Yes, I mistakenly left them at the cream and sugar table, and then preceeded to sit down at a table 5 feet away. Realizing my mistake 5 minutes later, was too late. Someone had lifted my keys!
According to the locksmith this is actually common. Those of us with key "remotes" are constantly being ripped off, with the "remotes" then being sold on ebay for $100 a pop. $220 later I got a new key and was on my way...only to have my wallet stolen from my car in my work parking lot...
my work parking lot.
Stupid of me to leave my car door unlocked.
Still, my car is in my sights and someone had emptied my glove box, center console, and the backseats in search of their treasure, only to find my wallet.
About 1/2 dozen, (at least) calls to credit card companies later, all is well.
But shit, damn, hell.
Is this done yet?
I guess, all is well, no $ was stolen, and other than the cost of my new car key, I've only learned lessions from this string of robbery.
1) Can you say SPARE in one you can actually find that is at least SOMEWHAT nearby where your car may be?
2) Those keys are used for a reason, as in LOCKS are a good thing....
3) I am a FIRM believer that things do NOT have to happen in three's

*cross your fingers with me people....*

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Roundy Clan said...

Booooo Katie that SUCKS! I have to tell you it has happened to me and while also with Myra. The last time I was in Cali Myra left her iphone in the bathroom for like 10 or 15 minutes and someone took it too. But I will tell you here in Texas I dropped my license at a gas station and someone picked it up and DROVE it to my house to give it back to me! So I am thinking it is Cali....or Myra. You choose ( just teasing Myra I love you! )