Saturday, May 29, 2010


And strawberries,
and artichokes,
and spinach and swiss chard,
and a DAY OFF!!!
a HEALTHY Forrest!
a day of bike riding and relaxation,
and good beer and great neighbors
and an Aunt Megan....

Enough said...:-)


Sheelagh said...

Looks amazing!!! What a full weekend you're having! Fun, full and fulfilling! And YUMMMM strawberries!!!

Sheelagh said...

Oh yeah and who's the big boy in the first picture?!?!?! Oh my goodness, Forest looks like a pre-teen!!!

Amy Musser said...

What great pics! Enjoy your beautiful weather-wish I was there!

Alison Willis said...

We have also been so happy to have some warmer weather ( with far less wind)
Hope you get monday off-( i have to work- but i get paid time and a half!)

What a darling boy you are raising!

Ashley said...

I want some artichokes! We had good weather this weekend finally too!