Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fat Lip Fulton

Poor Forrest's first blood and guts story. A hyper, hurried, and VERY happy baby mind you meets his match with our stone kitchen floor....OUCH!
Forrest has taken to finding and LOVING trinkets from the outside. Sticks, stones, acorns, you name it, he's got it in his fist. And.....he loves to run with these treasures in his fists, which obviously limits his "catching" capabilities, (the little skills a one year old has...)
And, poor little Forrest tripped, face planted, and had his front tooth pierce his lip....DOUBLE OUCH!
But, a mouth full of blood later, some ooos and ahhhhs from the parents later, and all was good, as his mama has learned that lacerations inside the mouth heal dramatically fast, no stitches needed.
THANK GOODNESS!!!! Enjoy my fat lipped snotty faced but thankfully beautifully healing baby...:-)


Ashley said...

ouchie! Riley made me bite my lip the other day from a little head butting action she has taken up lately! It too healed pretty quick!

Sheelagh said...

Oh boys boys boys! Jonah too has got to run with all sorts of stuff in his hands. I crashes and burns allll the time!