Monday, May 3, 2010

Bok Choi anyone?

Dinning with Forrest has been a pleasure lately, a full blown food flying, temper tantrum, chewed food spitting pleasure. Our little angel eater that would literally gobble down anything you put in front of him has left the building and in his place is a VERY stubborn, testy, toddler. We used to be able to feed him loads or home grown, organic, loved, fruits and veggies, and now we're lucky if he doesn't chuck it back at us.
So, bring on the bok choi.
A vegetable that is currently plentiful here in our spring Fultmeyer garden.
Known well in asian stirfrys, soups, perhaps lightly steamed with a bit of seasame oil???
Yeah, not exactly baby food.
So, in the full mama effort to be sure her baby is eating SOMETHING green,
SOMETHING without processed whatchamacallits,
SOMETHING with good, brain growing vitamins,
SOMETHING that isn't baby puffs, baby cereal bars, applesauce, or milk/juice,
she has created the PERFECT toddler food, (and I'm absolutely certain this is my idea SOLELY...:-)
 Introduce, Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese, found conveniently at Costco, (yeah, I know, not exactly local, small box store...) and tons of bok choi. Add in a little left over pureed baby peas Forrest won't touch on their own, plus or minus some cottage cheese or chicken pureed up for extra protein and you've got yourself a well rounded baby meal.
The KEY is to puree all ingredients EXCEPT the mac and cheese.
As Forrest will tell you he LOVES to feed himself those tasty noodles, (with the hidden nutrient rich sauce/veggies that he will never know about...hehe....)

So, that's my one baby meal secret. Now it's your turn to share....I'm all ears as I'm sure the mac and cheese idea will get old quick, everything seems too.....


Sheelagh said...

When Mayzie was a baby I did a similar hiding thing with veggies in eggs. She LOVED them and ate them for almost every meal. Now a days I just offer some veggies with lunch and dinner and hope some of it gets eaten. And Jonah isn't a big fan of the hidden veggies, he can pick them out...I guess I need to go back to puree and add that to everything! He does like sweet potato "fries" though plus some cooked or raw carrots and lots of fruit.

This too shall pass and Mr Forest will again eat everything and then nothing and then some stuff and on and on and on!

j o n i said...

I love this idea--it's creative, healthy and finger friendly--perfect for his age. I say, great job, mama! Keep the culinary creative juices flowing...