Saturday, May 22, 2010

Freezing spring and other thoughts

Rain, rain, and more rain. This spring is WET! And COLD! This household is ready for the hot and steamy summer temps...and yes, I know, before I can send this into cyber space the 90+ degree heat will be around the corner. But, when your HIGH is 49 and Memorial Day is next weekend, the OFFICIAL kick off to summer, it just doesn't feel right. I think our garden broccoli is the only happy is "broccolling" up a storm, getting ready for our bellys!
Mr. Forrest is lamenting in the crappy weather as well. He's got his 4th cold in as many months, and I do believe he has been a sick kiddo more days than well. I guess I can thank daycare for that. This most recent bug brought us the croupy barking seal cough and all the snot along with it. His little immune system I'm sure is on over drive, as he also recently had his 1 year vaccinations...but other than that, he is wonderful, starting to imitate and perhaps even talk, and is as active as ever. He's pushing through his molars and grinds his teeth on occasion, drives us up the wall! And he has got an arm on him! The kid can throw just about anything more accurately and farther than most...just remember to duck!
Hi favorite foods, garden fresh STRAWBERRIES!!!!! (we've got tons!) and farm fresh eggs, (we've also got tons!) Makes feeding him easy...or at least easier...
His most recent stats, at 14 mos...22 lbs, 30 inches tall. And still has a huge head.
Here he is playing on the front steps in our showery weather with my trusty stead...a future rider?


Courtney said...

Your place sounds amazing. I get jealous when I hear about your growing broccoli. Sounds so great! Oh, and I can't forget to say how SO adorable your son is! :)

Anonymous said...

Really cute!

My kiddos start daycare on June 2...I guess I can expect them to start getting sick...:( :(