Saturday, January 8, 2011

22 weeks: Baby is as long as a spaghetti squash. Your baby has stretched to the size of a spaghetti squash and weighs almost a pound. (Length: nearly 11 inches.)
Yep, 22 weeks...51/2 months...I'd be lying if I said I was amazed at how fast it was going. I am however amazed at how fast I am GROWING! When I catch glimpses of my baby belly I feel more 7 months along. I know your second child is supposed to pop a bit faster but wowee, we are enlarging fast in this household! I also feel like I am feeling stronger movements a bit 21 weeks we also SAW the first real baby movements, as in my belly was jumping too and fro. This was a neat thing, as Alex got to see it happen as well. 
I am, however, feeling great. I don't feel all that pregnant yet, at least most of the time. I am trying to keep up the exercise if work allows. It depends on the day if I get the running in, somtimes it is a walk/run...though just the other day I surprised my self by running 3 easy miles. I love food and have a huge appetite. No nausea here! No swelling, heartburn, or any other hard to deal with symptoms yet...
My cravings, Greek Yogurt...yummmm!(though pricey...sheesh!) and CHOCOLATE! I am trying to keep that last one contolled by not eating ANY sweets at work and just having my treat for dessert. The holidays fed me endless sweets I think and now I'm trying to reel my sweet tooth back in!
Overall I'm enjoying the pregnancy and what will be most likely the easiest time of my life raising two boys! Forrest is nearly 22 months, as cute and lovable as can be, and I can hardly wait to see what two will be like! 
It looks as though the satellite dish is scarily beaming info into our baby boy....hmmmm....

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Sheelagh said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well and that you are feeling good. I think you looks great and good for you for running! I miss it a lot!!
Enjoy the kicking and bouncing and growing belly.
I also LOVE the pictures you included. You and Forest are soooo cute!