Saturday, January 15, 2011

2's are wild! 22 month old Forrest, just 2 short months till he is TWO YEARS OLD!

rain walking with cars in tow...

Can you believe that? I can't. I nearly almost have a 2 year old! Forrest is still the incredible cute kid he always has been and is growing and saying more each day. Talking is still not his forte, though he tries just about any new word you can think of. New ones this month have been owl, Grandma, doggie, (a step up from his "da" which he still does love, but can  mean dog, dad, that, or whatever he feels like).
He is such a good eater and visions of raising two growing ravenous boys are filling my head. This kid packs in just about anything we eat for dinner with favorites of salmon, yogurt, any rice, apples, crackers and popcorn, and his milk. I'm not sure on his weight stats, must be inching closer to 30 lbs, his feet continue to grow, still in size 7 shoes, and a few 8's. His favorite toys include his animals made my Henoch and Schoeln, very life like and he is in love with his Dog and Bear. If one is missing he mopes around calling for it and looking under everything. Cars still rule his world, as do his blankies, favorite books, and anything to do with the outdoors. He is also still very mechanical and will spend eons, (in toddler time at least,) taking something apart and putting it back together again
Our dogs, Chester and Tessie are also best buds with him and he MUST say goodnight to his furry friends before going down in his crib. Yep, the crib still lives on, he continues to go down easily most nights with maybe 1-2 brief wakeups on average. Last week I had a bad night with him where he was up every 30 minutes...makes me wonder if he is plotting with his younger brother to get me "re-trained" to wake up with a newborn!
He is still super charismatic, friendly, and always saying "Hi" to anyone he meets. His little personality is coming through as well, he is a crazy energy filled kid who at times cannot keep still and runs laps and laps inside the house, climbs ladders he shouldn't, etc. He also has his orderly way about him, likes to organize his cars, close all our doors and cabinets and throw things in the trash, (lets just hope we can keep it to actual trash that goes in the can!)
We have yet to give him a haircut so these locks are getting a bit ragged...I think his first trim will come before he turns two.

He is pretty amazing...and will be a great big brother :-)

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Ashley said...

Glad to hear Riley is doing some things similar to Forrest. She too likes to keep organized, clean up, close doors, pick up trash, throw it out, we also have trouble with taking actual trash out of the trash as well as possibly throwing good things away?! Gotta keep close watch on these munchkins!