Monday, August 13, 2012


Good friends the Petersons enjoy the boats!
 It has been HOT up in our neck of the woods, 108 ish to be exact. We have been surviving quite nicely by escaping to our lovely river beach as much as possible! We've been lucky enough to have some friends come and play with us yesterday and we had loads of fun kayaking, BBQing, snorkeling, and all the general fun stuff a great river beach has to offer. It was well worth the multiple trips up and down our river trail hefting the gear and BBQ to be able to enjoy this lovely salmon dinner, riverside!

 This evening the kids woke up from their naps around 5 and we escaped once more as the outside thermometer read 106! With our house having no AC those afternoon hours can get pretty miserable. We had the river to ourselves and took a little trip just 200 meters up river to "discover" a new little beach. The kids loved it, with little Talin baby enjoying the boat ride quite a bit! We had already brought some leftovers to eat for dinner and we all loved the 8pm scenic river fun, myself in the kayak with Forrest and Talin and Alex in the drift boat. We threw rocks at boulders, (as all three year olds love to do!) talked on "phones"(rocks...) as all 15 month olds like to do, and had fun picking out our different pools to call our own.
Yep, beating the heat quite nicely I'd say! Tomorrow I get the beat the 109 forcasted degree day in a different way....WORK :-(  Yep, coming down to reality does seem to happen at the end of every weekend! At least I do get to cool off a bit on the coast where Eureka high temps are forcasted to be 62. just a 45+ degree difference I'll experience over my 45 mile commute. Crazy! Gotta love summer!

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Sheelagh said...

Crazy temperature differences. That's almost one degree per mile!! I can't imagine 109 though. We don't have AC either and I can not do 100+ without freaking out just a little bit. I am sure that river back yard helps...sure wish we had a pool. :-)