Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Fish Frenzy Update for all those Salmon lovers....

"MMMMuuuuaaaahhhh, Love you too Bright Salmon you!!!

Two VERY Happy Boys!

Salmon-3 Year Old Discussion....."So, you just go pooopooo whereever, in the underweah? No potty??" Salmon----"Yep! My life is grand!, 'Cept I'm gonna have my one girlfirend here in all my life and that's my end!"  Forrest---"WHAT!!! No more Flower girl friends! Only One and that's it for you! NO WAY!!!! MaMAAAA, Theese Salmon can't have TWO flower friends!" NO WAY MAMA!!!! and....1 minute later....."MAMA! I gotta tummy oweee, yes, I've gotta go pooopooo!" MAMA-----"Okay, Forrest, Yes lets GO, Thank you so much for telling me!!!!" we walk up the rocky hill from the fishing spot on the beach, happening to be Dr. Palmer's beach, my BOSS, supervising physician, flatulence lover of them all!!!. Forrest-----"WOW mama that was a HUGE juicy pooopoo!" Mama---ehhhh yeah Forrest. I guess better on the dirt on the rocky beach in front of my bosses house instead of in your pants???I think????" Needless to say a very BIG hole was dug with a handy dandy drift stick for that infamous poopooo...with lots of huge rocks on top. Betcha can't say you ever did that to your bosses house!!!:-)

And....that sums up my life right now, oh, YES, except add a 17 month old newly beat up by a rooster. I think they can write books about this stuff!!!

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Sheelagh said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! That IS a good one. And no, I can never say I've ever done that at my boss's house!