Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Shower Day cousin Sara!

The ladies plus one cute baby boy!

Yummy shower treats, everything was so delish and beautiful! A "wine" theme complete with small bites of Bride to Be Sara's fav foods...:-)
 This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend my good cousin Sara's wedding shower! I am going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in a month and helping her celebrate her shower day was awesome. I am so happy for her and her husband to be Adam.
Can't go wrong with good drinks, Sangria on the end of course :-)

Beautiful shower guests Aunt Carol, cousin Coty, and sister Megan
Bride to Be Sara on the left opening gifts with sister Amy, who did a fabulous job planning this beautiful shower!

Being at home, even if only for less than 48 hours was really wonderful. Talin eased all my fears and did GREAT with my parents in a new environment. He loved exploring, LOVED all of the kindergarten class treats my Mom brought home for him from her classroom, and seemed to do just fine with Granny, Grandpa, and Aunt Megan while his Mom spent time at a great dinner at the Yard House with the bride to be and the rest of the wedding party. The Yard House is a fabulous place and we had a great time treating Sara to a special dinner out!
Having a blast at the Yard House...the entire Sara Stevens Bridal Party!!!!

First attempt at using a spoon with Granny :-)
Raking the horse shoe pits with Grandpa!
 And, I couldn't really end this post without saying SOMETHING about the *&%%& $#6%^ air travel that Talin and I had to endure. Delays, flights cancelled, the whole nine yards. But we persevered thanks to some nick of time guidance from dear sister Megan, (who is amazing I might add!) I will stop at that, and just add fun pictures of T baby playing away in the airport, all smiles. He did SO much better than his Mama with this frustrating travel weekend. I owe him a huge thanks for making me remember to smile throughout!

One thing United has going for itself, a kiddie play area!!!
Just hanging from the banister Mama, don't mind me!
Mama bleary eyed after a near no sleep night, and little T baby passed out, finally on our final flight. Home Sweet Home!

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Jonna said...

That looks like you had a blast, but POOR MAMA! You look so tired coming home =( Love seeing pics of your and your wonderful family xoxo