Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun with the little ones

The little steelhead that is. This time of year our home beach yields half-pounders, the young steelhead that are far less grand than the monsters that are lusted after, but still plenty fun! In fact wonderful fun if you are
3 1/2 years old and those big guys are really out of reach anyways.

In the midst of holiday happenings and viral funk we made it down to the beach as a family yesterday, and then Forrest and Alex made it down today while I was at work and T baby was at daycare.
Fun was had! There is something soothing about casting a line in a river that mellows even the most tired and stressed mama! I didn't catch anything, but Alex did manage to reel in several of the big little guys, much to the boys delight. Forrest who was rather happily playing on the bank also got to reel in one of the keepers which made his day. Yesterday Talin even got a shot with the super duper, (read---junker...but oh so good for thrashing toddler hands!) kid rod and was enamored with how the reel spun around and around.
Cheese ball Talin....this kid is sick? Who would have guessed it??
Forrest showing one of his "noooeeee Mamaaaaaaa" moments
We are so very thankful for days like these, winter days made a bit more bearable by decent, albeit cold weather and great river adventures. Sure there were meltdowns over refusals to wear clothes, (Forrest, as always,) and moaning and groaning and whining and coughing, poop from the big kid where it DID NOT BELONG, etc. But there was also a great fish dinner for our Monday night meal and an exhausted but just a bit more satisfied family who got to appreciate all that the December Trinity River had to give on these two days.

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Sheelagh said...

Awesomely awesome! What an amazin place you live in wonderful that you have that river in your back yard and that you make such an effort to bring it into your daily life so often.

Props to you and your family for all you do on your river. It is really amazing to see how the river and the fishing and the boat are such a part of your life. It's something very different from the normal every day of so many of the rest of us.

I cherish the posts you write and the pictures you share. Thank you!