Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

We've had some eventful winter weather around here lately. Lots of rain, and in the last week or so, SNOW! Our home elevation is only 700 feet, so we hardly ever get snow that sticks. Just occasional big fat flakes that make us excited for the possibility of the white stuff, and very occasionally those picture perfect times where it does stick for half a day, (happens about once a year on average).
But, my regular, 3-4 time a week drive into work and the kids daycare/preschool goes over a near 3000 foot pass that DOES get the white stuff on a fairly regular basis in the Winter. I love it! Yes, it makes for some days that I can't get home, and have to spend the night close to work to ensure I'll make it back, (though it is still my dream that I'll get snowed in one day!) It also makes for eventful driving, but my trusty Subaru really can go over just about anything I'm finding out, and very safely at that. But more so, it's an adventure! Driving through snow, (or at least mellow snow fall, the blizzard like conditions are another story,) instantly makes myself and the kiddos in a better mood. There is something so serene and peaceful about seeing the sparkly fresh snow on the trees in the morning before descending down into Eureka to start my day at work.
Forrest getting his play time on Berry Summit. He LOVED that I pummeled the car with snowballs before we drove away!
Forrest also gets a kick out of telling his friends he gets to play in the snow before school, (on our brief 5 minute mini snow play session on this last Monday...perfect for fun with a 3 1/2 year old who hates jackets and when you aren't prepared with gloves!)
We think we live in the perfect place. For many reasons of course but also for the fact that we can have feet of snow just 20 minutes up the road to play in, sled in, and drink hot chocolate in....but just a smidgen of the stuff here at our home to remember that we do live in the mountains. Coastal mountain, NOT Tahoe mountains!!!(enough work to do on this ranch without snow shoveling involved!!!!)

Beautiful Snow Rise on the way to work. The sky was on fire! As we drove into town those same fire clouds turned dark and omnious and soon after this very spot was covered in blizzard conditions that Alex nearly got stuck in trying to drive over. Jack knifed big rigs, FEET of snow, crazy how quickly it can change!

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Sheelagh said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! Amazing! Thank you for sharing. I am a BIG fan of where you live too!