Friday, December 7, 2012

3 Weeks :-(

3 weeks since my last post. Uggh. Life has been a bit nuts here in the Fulton household. Amongst great weekend trips, recovering from weddings, and now being attacked by the virus from hell, all in the middle of the busiest work month of the year, I'm struggling a bit to keep up, especially with the blog. As I sit here my little Talin baby, aka barking seal, is suffering with croup which has followed pink eye, and is surrounded by the humidifier. He is quite miserable. poor guy :-( I'm sipping on some mint tea, trying to will my sore throat away that has been plaguing me for the past week. Bed will come soon. Ahhh, I guess it is the season of illnesses, viruses, etc....
But, for a quick run down, yes we have been trying to keep up with the quickly approaching Christmas Holiday here in the woods! No Christmas tree yet, but we finally have decorations up, Forrest has his advent calendar going, and my shopping is getting done...almost done actually thanks to some online purchases and great local artisans festivals. And for other events of the past 3 weeks...

Not all sniffles, sad faces, and coughing here, this was just 3 nights ago, Brothers brushing their teeth before bedtime :-)

We've had a LOT of rain lately. This is our first dry weekend, and unfortunately our sickest weekend :-( But we took advantage of the wet weather last week and made yummy pretzel/Kiss/M&M treats(great to do with 2-5 year olds!) homemade tomato soup from our canned "summer in a jar" heirloom garden tomatoes, and some crafty gift tags.

Talin and I attended the office cookie party! Yummo! Izzy and Talin were the young ones of the group, and the cutest by far!

MMMM, everything was delicious!

So yes, we are a bit excited of course with our two little boys and the big day quickly approaching! Forrest I believe has captured more of that Christmas spirit than anybody and is doing a great job reminding us how good he is for Santa Clause, (whether or not it actually is true...;-) He is very excited to cut down our Christmas tree, which may be tomorrow, or next weekend depending on the heath status of our family. But truly he is loving it all and has stayed pretty healthy this month which I am thankful for!
Here's to our health and Christmas spirit in the weeks to come!


Sheelagh said...

What fun stuff you made!
I, like you, am sick of being sick. We are getting more and more healthy over here, but it has been a long and tiring haul. It does make for a lazy start to the holiday season....but oh so much to do!
Enjoy. I hope you are all up and running and feeling better soon. Can't wait to see the tree.

Fultmeyer Clan said...

yeah, no tree this weekend. Instead we went on a mini river adventure which you will see soon. Priorities!!!! I know, it sucks, but we'll get through it! Funny I thought T was getting better and then tonight, cranky, coughy, (though barky seal cough is gone thank goodness!) and bleary eyed and 101 temp. Darn it!!!! We'll see how tomorrow attempting work goes!!