Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tradition, passing it on!

This bassinet has been in my Dad's side of the family for 82 years! My Grandfather first slept in this bassinet as a newborn, and as you will see below, the rest is history! My Dad and his four brother's have all had the pleasure of this comfy little nest, and as have all of my cousins and my sisters and I. And now the next boys and my cousin's boys. Yes a LOT of boys in this family!
We are officially passing it on to my cousin Kyle and his wife Jen who are expecting little Vincent Stollmeyer any day now! I just hope it arrives on time!
Congratulations Kyle and Jen! From Grandpa Jerry to little Talin baby and everyone in between, you are having a little boy that will be surrounded by great family.



Sheelagh said...

That is SO awesome! I see some pretty close dates in there (within a year here and there at least). How cool that you have all made an effort to keep this tradition going!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

And I love how I was written as "son" of my parents, (then crossed out and listed as the daughter....) and my name spelled wrong. HA! Just shows maybe the first baby fog was deep set in my parents just as much as me. And...showing how many boys truly were in my family, first girl then came my 2 sisters!

Amy Musser said...

Love this Katie! We had one in my family but it has been passed down to distant cousins and so we no longer have access to it. My parents are starting a new one for our family so Kalea is the first one on the list.