Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sara and Adam Get Married!!!

Air Travel...Super Dad takes a turn with Fiesty T on his lap
Waiting for our plane at Santa Rosa Airport. Forrest is SO excited!
Talin enjoying the Santa Rosa airport with some wine.....errr....mama was enjoying a glass! He enjoyed his milk just fine :-)
Celebrating Sara and Adam was such a great weekend! We had time to reconnect with family, have a wonderful time at the wedding, and help the bride and groom start their next phase of husband and wife! 
Lots of wonderful family time! Not the best picture but 4 generations...though the 3 and under crowd were elsewhere for this picture! So great to have the grandparents AND great grand parents for our kids all in the same household!

Shish kabob making sisters....

Forrest and his Great Grandma Sheila have some very special Mickey Mouse watching time!
The Rehearsal...a great time:-)
Rehearsal...we CAN do this! Looking cute Adam and Sara!
Celebrating the bride. Rehearsal luncheon.
The yummiest Brie and fresh baked bread EVER! oh, and the wine....the WINE!
Getting Ready for the big event!!!
Forrest looking sharp pre-wedding with the amazing help from Aunties
Say "cheese!!" cute girls!
The girls getting ready!
Aunt Megan with the snack bag, taming...errr....conversing with Forrest the Super Hero Ring Bearer

All set! Time to get the bridesmaid dress on!
Not to often you see this mama all done up!

Sister of the bride and matron of honor Amy working on her speech, pre-wedding. It was awesome Amy!

Sister Natalie and flower girl Kalea having some very cute bonding time.

  And now for the wedding! It was gorgeous, held at a Temecula Winery, on a beautiful crisp fall day....
 (Not any pictures of the actual ceremony here...and you have already seen the best Forrest pictures in a previous post.)

The beautiful bride and her groom, pre wedding...
Family Picture!

Sister Dance!

Celebrating the exit with sparklers!

Bye Sara and Adam! Have fun in Hawaii!!!


Sheelagh said...

What fun! You LOOK great mamma!!! It has been ages since I've been dressed up that fancy. How nice you clean up!!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Thanks Sheelagh! And believe you me I used it to its full potential because YES, how often is it really we get to get all fancy pants va va voom anyways? Sara asked if I wanted to pay for my hair and make up to be done and I said "Hell Yes!!!" hehe...maybe not that forcefully but you get the picture! Plus, with my two boys if left to my own efforts my hair would have been up in a rubberband and the make-up? What's that anyways? But yes truly it was fun. Thanks for the compliments! :-)