Sunday, November 4, 2012

There once was a Super Buzz and the cutest cow that ever "mooooed!!!"

And the rest is history....
You make up the story...:-)
No candy needed for this photo Op, Apples did the trick, (surprisingly yes, followed by an overripe water melon...whatever it takes!!!) Forrest especially had his cute little boy model smile on :-)

Little cute Cow Talin was harder to grab with his smiles, but here is a good one!

The laughs are great!

Wagon Halloween costume ride, sure mom!!!!

The Brothers

Buzz Lightyear And Mr. Cute Cow, taking in the Autumn evening, plotting their next move....
And before you know it....WHAM...they're on the quad, on their next whirlwind to round up bears with the hula hoop....perhaps the rooster....only they really know...;-)

A Halloween costume adventure to remember....Buzz lightyear turned naked hula hoop rooster corraler with his cutie little cow T Man take on the world...:-)

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