Sunday, November 18, 2012


Not in Fail by any means, but Forrest's first attempt, (Maybe there have been a few more at preschool?....) at writing the first letter of his name! Forrest likes to write or draw on spare boxes here. We have a LOT of boxes as we do most of our shopping in bulk in this household. So when he asked if he could write on a box, and then asked me if I could draw the "F" in his name I did. He made his "F" ( on the left in this picture), and then quickly asked me to draw the "O" signing it as well! That is as far as he got. He seemed to remember two of one letter coming next, (the r's) but to him they were s's. Still! I was very impressed! He is still at the age where if I sit him down and practice his name with him there is NO WAY I'll get anywhere. But under his own was a completely different story!!!!

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