Sunday, March 30, 2014

A goal in mind....

 Starting in January this Mama has had a goal in mind. As most of you know, I like to ride my bike and every spring several key rides start to approach, and therefore my time on the bike increases....ideally at least.
This year, is no different. Except I'm gunning for a big one this year! Only one, so far. The Tour of the Unknown Coast. I did the metric century with my Dad last year, as well as several other sub 100 mile rides. This year I'm going for the full 100 miles, with 10,000 feet of climbing. I havent completed this ride since before kiddos existed, 2009 to be exact! And it was tough then! This will be # 3 if I can get it done. It is billed as the "toughest century", which is arguable as there are plenty of hard rides out there, but it is, hands down, the most beautiful century. Imagine starting your journey through huge redwoods, then climbing and descending into the most lush secret remote river valley you could ever imagine, and then, finding yourself along the most remote stretch of coast line on the west coast. And the most beautiful! Then you rise above, on the infamous WALL, above that gorgeous coast, climb over the equally as infamous, endless hills, and descend into Ferndale, our little Victorian captiol of the north coast. Seriously if you never are as crazy as me to ride the 100 miles, please, all of you, drive it. It really is amazing!
So, back to the point, I've been riding, a lot, at least for me. And I have a riding buddy this year! Mary Beth is a nurse I have the pleasure of working with at times, and also a neighbor. She is an animal and it's been fun to have someone to go and climb some endless remote hills with in our neck of the woods.
She didn't make the ride today, but I stuck to the schedule and left my warm and cozy house, (oh did I mention the quite feisty 2 and 5 year old and amazing husband...can't leave them out...left them at home too ;-)
I climbed and climbed and climbed. I think about 6500 feet of climbing in 32 miles. Ouch. Today was actually NOT the beautiful and sunny weather we've had this year. It was showery, cold as cold can be on a 3,000 foot descent when you can see snow on a neighboring ridge, but also very beautiful and remote.

I had to stop on the descent and warm up....taking panoramas :-) Then I could feel my fingers again to apply my brakes!

No people watching around here! Did see about 6 deer though!
 I've grown to love hills actually. Especially on a day like today. It was SO cold, I was comfortable on the climb, but that downhill just got to me. It gets to me on a warm day even, that cramped curved back, hands on the brakes position. Not your normal downhill in my area as everything is super steep, pot holes a plenty, and despite my great track record of not falling, I can't help but think my time is bound to come...
And, alas, a lot of my riding has been on my trainer. I love this thing. Wired with a baby monitor if I have napping kids, my Pandora blasting, and my water, I'm set. I pedal to nowhere quite often on this sucker. Yes, it makes me crazy after awhile, but after today and my chilly ride I was actually thinking this way of riding isn't so bad!
May 10th is the big day....5+ weeks away!

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Sheelagh said...

You are so inspiring! I wish more and more that I lived in that beautiful secret spot of forest and coast line. Northern Cali is perfect...a little haven. And what a place to ride. Maybe I will finally get my bike fixed up with your motivating posts!!!