Monday, March 31, 2014

Brotherly Love

Alex calls me out quite a bit on how I seem to love to record our boys nice, shiny, happy moments, but not the not so special moments. Okay, maybe not just "not so special", but you know, the brotherly kick and scream matches, the moments that turn into hours where you just are wishing, hoping, and praying for some MOMENTS of peace and love. Or heck, just wanting them to leave eachother the heck alone so you can NOT feel like you're wanting to bang your head against the wall.
So yea, I'm not so good at capturing those moments.
But I do have some sweet ones for you! I think I like these ones as they help me remeber these boys potential, and yes, this too, shall pass, (oh I dearly hope!) and yes, they do have the ability to be nice human beings, hopefully for more than 20 seconds at a time, in the not so distant future, (like by college??!!)
Forrest has been extra special these days...oh Forrest. So when he had some sweet moments with his younger brother, I was glad to capture them. I do miss, with film that is, a lot of awesome times between these two boys. Forrest loves to "teach", (okay so not teach, rather, be a downright bully and dictator to Talin, there I said it!) but at times he CAN be very loving and is a great teacher. In fact when we need Talin to, say, brush his teeth, or do something Forrest can do very well, Forrest is often the only one that can persuade little brother to go along with the show. I think Talin enjoys Forrest's positive energy so much that he'll just about do anything for it!
This was all Forrest. Talin has shown NO interest in potty training. But tonight, "Come on Talin, lets put some big boy underwear on you and go pee pee!!! I'll help you!" "Come on Talin, oh is your pee pee stuck? You must have a blocked.....*&^&&" okay you get the picture, and on, and on :-)

Brushing teeth---"GOOD JOB TALIN! "

"Do THIS Talin, yes good job! Good flossing!"

"Talin lets take a picture with Chester under the rainbow! Smile Talin, look at Mama!!!"
Oh life is great sometimes isn't it. I guess these are my "The hills are alive, with the sound of mussssiiiiicccc...!!!!" moments that really do help get you through the head banging times that are well upon us.

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Sheelagh said...

The big brother over here can be the same way (both sides, good and bad). I LOVE it when David let's Jonah help him though often he is too interested in being the big kid. hahaha
It is a crazy life we lead with brotherly love all around!