Thursday, March 13, 2014

Half a Decade Ago...

Roughly...give or take a few days...I was making pizza. LOTS and lots of pizza. Or so I thought. I was deep in that nesting stage, overdue, and wanting to do something, ANYTHING, to prepare for our first kiddo.
It's like jumping off a cliff, isn't it?
Or so people liked to say.
It is a club of it's own kind, this having kids thing.
5 years ago tomorrow Forrest made me a Mama. 5 YEARS! Wow!
Happy of Happiest Birthday to my wonderful, dynamic, spirited, intelligent, caring oldest son.

If you happen to be in our neck of the woods on Sunday, come on by to celebrate!


Alison Willis said...

This means i have been a full-fledged Ranch Life blog follower for 5 years...Loving every minute of learning about this little buddy!
Happy birthday to Forrest!!!

Ashley said...

Happy bday!! My first baby will be 5 next!!! Ahhhhh!!

Sheelagh said...

I sooooo wish I was going to be in your "neck of the woods"! Would love to love to love to celebrate with you all. I LOVE that we share birthday month with Forest included in our boy madness over here. I have him on my calendar between Jonah and David (and John) and even though I am not great with cards, I have him in my heart right along with my own little (and one big) men!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Thanks all. Yes Sheelagh I think of Jonah as well too, brings me back to counting the days and exchanging information, (mainly YOU helping me SO much!) when Forrest was born. thanks friends!