Sunday, April 6, 2014

9 years of sweetness

It has been roughly 9 years since Alex and I fell into each others company that rainy spring day back in 2005. Look at us 20 somethings....! Crazy kids we were.

9 years, wow! Seems so long ago really, as I look at all that has come from those 9 years. Careers, an amazing home, the commitment of marriage, and of course, our two littles. And to think BACK to those early days. The first year of being apart of each others life and space. How magical those times were, (and how much I feel like I've aged...uggh!;-)

 Our daffodils, (March,) and tulips, (at their peak at this moment!) are super sweet reminders of the glory of Spring, which is the season we met, and the season both our babies were born.
 Happy #9's to many more daffodils, tulips, sweet memories, and great adventures.

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