Saturday, April 26, 2014

Change is a commin'

We have a 5 year old in the house. What that means is Kindergarten. The beginning of his school career. A whole new ball of wax for this household.
I don't think the meaning of that really hit home till we signed up for T-Ball this year.
Insert 3x/week commitments, insert "soccer Mom" (and Dad) status. Insert a very excited and overly competitive 5 year old that we, as parents, have to be able to support. Able to shape. Able to mold.
Insert a Mom who works an hour and 15 minutes away in a job that she can't exactly just drop if she is unexpectedly needed.
This equals a problem.
So there is change.
Change is hard. It's uncomfortable.
We're so excited there is a good school for Forrest in our area!
Burnt Ranch School is K-8, 15 minutes from our house, and has a current class size of 8-13 kids per grade. WOW. What could really be better for our intense, super smart, super demanding, needing challenges at every corner kiddo? We really are blessed to have this option. Though this now puts me an hour and a half away from my kid for most of the week.
Yep, change is a commin'

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Alison Willis said...

Change is good, change is scary and change takes time but in the end I believe change is good.

Kindergarten! Seriously?!?! Amazing class size by the way! What a bonus!