Saturday, April 26, 2014

A break from the norm

I've gotten smart and taken a few half days off of work lately to get some longer bike rides in before my Century.  One of the days off fell during Forrest's spring break from pre-school, so after my beautiful N. Cal coastal ride, we went to the zoo!
My ride was beautiful. Mostly flat, 68 miles. I really can't believe I live in an area like this!
Patrick's Point Break

Trinidad Head and Harbor
 The Zoo was great. The boys loved the quick trip, and our zoo is nice as it's smaller and allows for the shorter visits if that's what you have time for. The red panda was Forrest's favorite. He remembered that you had to be quiet around the critter and was rather upset at me for making noise with my camera.
"Shhhh, quiet Mom!"

Red Panda takes a gander

My little monkeys checking our the monkey

We had a great time.
First of many fun Spring Break outings to come in future years.

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