Saturday, June 21, 2014

A true Solstice birthday...

This year for my birthday I got the itch to enjoy it...every last minute. Carpe Diem. So, a week ago I sent out the shout out to friends telling them of my plans, to see if any wanted to join for all or just a part of the start of my 34th year on this longest day of the year....

And, that is exactly what happened!
We started with coffee, tea, and breakfast treats at Solstice Sunrise at 5:43 a.m. (no pictures of the atendees here....we were still waiting for the coffee to start working!) My neighbor and friend Mary Beth and Karen and my WONDERFUL Alex and mother in law Gloria joined me!Soon after coffee and breakfast Mary Beth and I headed out for a beautiful ride along the South Fork of the Trinity. It was gorgeous :-)
Then we had a beach party with friends :-) Some good cold drinks, a GREAT cold watermelon, and lots of semi clothed cute kids helped the day get even better!

Neighbor Jerry, (Above), even made it down our crazy river trail to help celebrate!

At dinner time we escaped the beach for a salmon BBQ back up at our house. Potluck style and everyone did not disappoint! The best meal I've had in a long time. Add a wonderful session of frisbee and a campfire and there you have it! Except....

...what party is fully complete, no matter what your 30 something age is, without cupcakes! Yum :-)
I am blessed with wonderful family and friends who put forth the effort to celebrate with me on my special Saturday birthday! Happy Solstice ALL! An exhausted 34 year old is down for the count.

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