Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer fun with the little boys

Catching a little salamander

Let the water fights begin!

The boys newest fun toy, a tractor! Officially a birthday gift for Talin, who has hired Forrest as his official driver.

This was undoubtedly the perfect gift....they are SO happy in it! Riding though fields of flowers, "working" loading up the back with dirt and rocks, making piles, building, doing "work like Dad". Forrest even has his 3 point turn down pat :-)


Sheelagh said...

They are so cute! I love love love the new tractor. And the fact that Talin has his own driver is awesome. I am sure I know the answer to this, but do they fight much? It is incessant over here, with one or two minutes of "don't look now, they are playing/no one is crying" moments. Maybe if we had more land for roaming/exploring. ;-)

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Oh it is never ending.....at times.... Worse when they've been around each other a bit, sepeatation( preschool!) makes the heart grow fonder. Summer and good weather does indeed make the heart grow fonder as well. And yes....a lot of space. Forrest can be pretty independent theses days but it's so funny that despite their constant brother spats they seek each other out....ALL the time! We tell them that it's "separate play time " and yet they will do anything to be together even though they're in brawl down mode. We've decided it's ear plug time for us parents;-)