Monday, June 16, 2014

My MOM retires from a career teaching Kindergarten, and Forrest gets ready to head to Kindergarten!

 This year marked my Mom's last year of teaching Kindergarten. 38 years of teaching is such a tremendous achievement, and as fellow teachers told her, she will NEVER stop being a teacher. It's in her blood to always teach.
 Her "treetirement" party, in May, was amazing. Her long time teaching and family best friend Liz hosted and did a wonderful job!

 Yummy treats and lunch were filled in my us sisters.

 Life size replicas of my Mom were in and outside of the house... in typical Elementary school teacher fashion! You tell school teachers to host a party and they go ALL OUT!

 Family and friends came for the occasion. Megan was even lucky enough to have nearly ALL of her old Elementary school teachers in one spot! Now when does that ever happen???

 Natalie was there in spirit....and actually in real life, at least in her 5 year old self :-)

Happy Retirement Mom! Welcome to your endless summer!

Forrest graduates Preschool!
 Look at these four! What characters...and what a handful!
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Thanks to super teachers Sheila and Kyle all four are heading to Kindergarten next year!
Their ceremony was super quick and cute, perfect :-)
Congrats boys! Can't wait to see what these kids will do with the next 10 years, it will be exciting that's for sure!

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