Monday, November 1, 2010

The 2nd Annual Fulton Fright Fest!!!

 Halloween is a bit different for us out here. We don't have trick-or- treaters, (in fact I would be pretty worried if we did!) and given that Forrest is not yet at the trick-or-treating age we like to make our own fun out here in the woods. When it comes down to it, our home would actually be the PERFECT place for a big Halloween shindig...thing about it...plenty of dark creepy trees, old barns, and and old cabin to deck out with all kind of freakish and haunting delights! I mean we even have a cemetery on our property...a REAL life fake headstones needed!

Some of our spooky treats....mmmmm mmmmm

and of course some "spirits" for the spooky spirits....

This year however, we repeated last years festivities. We did a campfire gathering with good food, drinks, and some spooky decorations and sound effects to boot. Forrest was the only one dressed up, and he was as cute as ever in his little cow costume! I'm so glad I got it to fit him, with only minor alterations, as it was a 1 year old size.  It even had a "MOOOOOOOOO" sound effect if you squeezed the hoof...:-)

The tail was great!

The little calf was snacking on more than hay...cookies on his mouth!
He had a great time and we all enjoyed soup, salad, bread, and plenty of Halloween goodies, hot apple cider, and of course "Dead Man's Ale" and good wine. This year we had a nice little group with 6 of our neighbors showing up. Our neighbors are the type to NOT be so into Halloween, so they were happy for our low key get to together...costumes optional.
Forrest was just into being outside in the dark. We eventually had to pull one of the flashing lights from our jack-o-lanterns and stick it to his little cow tail as he kept wandering off and we were afraid we'd loose him! He was quite the sight, a little cow running to and fro with a flashing orange light on his tail! He grabbed a sugar monster cookie before I could catch him and I think he was running on the sugar high from that for quite awhile!

A perfectly haunting night was had by all. I have a sneeking suspicion our little get together might grow in size and Halloween spirit in the future...maybe to the point of a huge Halloween Haunt when our little Forrest is older. A Haunted Ranch Extravaganza.....hehehehehehe.
Alex was practicing the sleepy look....that Dead Man's Ale can do it to ya!


Ashley said...

looks fun and spooky!

Amy Musser said...

That is definitely going to be quite a draw when in his out! Sounds like a great time...and you only had slightly less trick-or-treaters then us! =)

Sheelagh said...

This sounds so awesome! Spooktacular. I want to be your neighbor!! What fun.