Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Tailes of the Ultimate toddler fish Extravaganza...Part I

Once there was a boy named Mr. Forrest. He had two loving, though sometimes crazy, parents. His dad LOVED to fish, and his mom just loved any kind of adventure at all. One weekend his parents decided to adventure on the mighty Chetco River, lusting after tales of mighty salmon, great beauty, and a toddler friendly fishing technique, (no joke...)
So off they went, to Brookings Oregon. After an overwhelming trip to the super duper Fred Meyers where Mr. Forrest stared sadly into the kiddie land unable to attend due to his youth of not quite two, the family headed to the camp ground and snuggled in for a long winters nap.
Mr. Forrest burrowed in the tent with his parents wondering WHAT the morning would bring. His thoughts were filled with his new found love for tent stakes. Little did he know exactly what kind of tale, (tail???) would float his way.
Morning came at 7:15, and his fish frenzied papa had been out of the tent already for two hours going solo on his drift trip. Mom was a bit worried about having Mr. F in a VERY small boat for hours and hours and opted for the morning in. Meeting the neighbor campers, a breakfast of champions, a romp around the campground and down to the river ensued. Mr. F loved to shout his encouragement to the fellow serious fishermen at the top of his lungs while his mom cringed....ahhh...kiddies...
Mr. F and his mom found themselves on a hike where the young buck snuggled on his mom's back in the carrier and took in the sites of the river, beautiful redwoods,  and boat after boat....but where was his dad? Boat after boat had no fish...was Dad to be disappointed as well?
Suddenly, around the corner, there stood his "DA" in his jet black drift boat, fishing away. Forrest yelled as he had been doing and his "Da" answered gleefully that the fabled stories of magic fish had been true and he had a VERY nice salmon already in his fish box!
Just how nice you ask???
Wow! Mr. F. was so happy and amazed he gleefully poked the mighty salmon's eyes, amazed at fish anatomy...(I suppose...:-) and in awe of his papa of course!

Now that dreams of the mighty Chetco were coming true, the Family planned for an afternoon drift WITH Mr. F. along for the ride. Visions of toddler overboard, yelling and screaming, and all other mahem worried his mama, while the same visions peppered with boat failures, loosing daylight, and only god knows what else worried his dad. But...they took the risk, and foraged on....
Down the river the family floated, with Forrest bundled tightly in if life vest, and ALL with aspirations for another fish or two swimming in their heads.

Suddenly, out of the blue.....PLOP...."SPLASH"......!!!!!

Stay tuned for Part II......

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Sheelagh said...

This is awesome. I am on the edge of my seat!!!!

I floated the Chetco River when I was a kid and we found a little kitty on the shore! That was our take home surprise. :-)