Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Tailes of the Toddler Fish Extravaganza: The Conclusion

The morning came dark and early. Mr. F blearily looked at his parents in the wee 5 o'clock hour and for a split second thought about giving some protesting shrieks as his mama changed his toosh in the chilly tent. He then smiled wildly and shrieked in DELIGHT at the excitement in the camp.
What was this morning going to bring?
The family headed out to run the shuttle with Forrest happily sucking down his milk and snacking on his cereal bar. His mama thought through all the supplies they had brought, hoping everything was accounted for.
Into the boat they went, with dawn barely showing itself. The family had wanted to be the FIRST on the water, and indeedily they had done it, toddler and all.
This morning a friend was joining them...The Mighty Mr. Tyson. Forrest was in awe of Mr. Tyson. The "hi, HIIIIII, HIYEEEEE"'s were frequent the the morning air as his papa prepared the fishing gear, cut the sardines, and lined us up.
The morning of fishing started. Lines were in the water and hopes were high.
10 minutes went by, then 20, then 30. Forrest started to clamor about. The sweet treats were opened, and the fussiness started.
Mr. F's mom started to get worried. Her little active son wanted OUT. She played, sang, fed, and entertained all while watching her reel. Forrest's smiles and giggles were plentiful, but the crazy baby mode was also surfacing.
Rod tip down.....
"Fish on, FISH ON...." yelled Mr. F's Dad, excitedly.
Mama grabbed the rod up and started reeling, quickly feeling the weight of the creature on the end of it and adjusting. ZIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP, taking line again. She struggled to keep the line taunt, and reeled when she could.
This felt like a LARGE fish, bigger even that last night's beast? Could she hope? Mr. F looked on in amazement and quickly vroom vroomed his cars around the boat edge adding to the excitement.
The weight of the situation weighed on his mom's arms. Her left forearm threatened to cramp, but persistence won out and the large salmon slowly came in closer to the shore. In the net it went and the dawn crew yelled in excitement.
"40 lbs"? Suggested the Mighty Mr. Tyson.
Forrest looked at the enormous salmon in amazement. This creature was so much bigger than he was!  His mama and him were so energized from the situation they choose to sit the next drift out and run around on the rocky beach.
Forrest looked out on the river, a bit perplexed at where the mighty salmon were coming from.

He never saw glimpses of them until one of his parents pulled them from the river! They were so mysterious!

Into the boat they went and down the river they floated for more fishy fun. Despite the excitement and the crew's elation, Forrest's mood was quickly souring. Toys and food were being flung and timeout was being threatened, (not that a place for timeout was convenient....but you know, the parents were pulling out all the stops...)

The Mighty Mr. Tyson spoke of a magical place just down river where he had caught steelehead. Mr. Forrest protested at the thought of being cooped up. His mama sighed at the thought of being cooped up with HIM, and his papa sighed at all the sighing going on. Mr. T again requested the extra fishing time and found the saving grace as they ran a small rapid.
And what was that grace of the river gods.
Yes, you guessed it...
Miracle toy indeedily.
Not a peep out of Mr. F and the crew happily wet their lines.
Mama bit her tongue and hoped the miracle would hold out. The Mighty Mr. T took in the beautiful scenery and became content with just trying this one last spot....
And, you guessed it....

Have you guessed it???/

"SLAMMMM, Clank Clank!!!BANG BANG..." Pliers on the bottom of the boat, repeatedly dropped by Mr. F who decided some boat work needed to be done. Forrest's papa grumbled, about to let loose verbally on his son....
"Wham......!!!" Rod tip down, Mr.T's rod tip down! He got a fish!
Jerk, jerk, mama's rod tip too? Two fish? Forrest looked up briefly at the excitement and held his pliers in his tightly toddler grip.
"Katie, reel up! Tyson's got a fish on!"
"But....but...I do too, maybe?"
"Just REEL!"
Soon, the truth became aparent. Mr. T did indeed have a fish on, a BIG fish....and Mama indeed had hooked Mr. T's line....
Perplexed Dad looking at the mess after the fight....
Forrest's papa quickly sprang into action cutting the line away. But...it was too much of a mess, some was firmly affixed to his rod tip...
Tyson fought the fish like someone Mighty does, Forrest looked on in awe, and Mama held her breath. If ONLY he gets this fish....she would hate it if her line caused this mighty beast of a salmon to get away.....
Rod tip doubled over, the battle went on.

The fish jumped in fury and showed just how bright it was. He took line, took MORE line, and then slowly began to tire.
To the boat he came, into the net in one joyous swoop, and a big sigh of relief was had by mama while hoops and hollars were heard from the mighty Mr. T.

Forrest looked in awe at his Mighty friend, holding the tail of the amazing salmon...the THIRD salmon he had witnessed being caught in the last day.
What a trip it had been....

The take out was waiting for them quickly down stream and the tired mama and Forrest wearily packed up into their chariot and Forrest fell to sleep, dreaming of the day HE would be able to battle the mighty salmon and be part of their "Tailes" of triumph and loss. His parents knew that he WAS already part of the tale....such a good part!

Little did Forrest know this river would hold many more surprises in the weeks to come.

*More surprises you wonder? Perhaps, only time and Turkey day will tell! Stay tuned!

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Sheelagh said...

You are amazing! Not only the physical work of reeling a fish while being mom, but also the entertaining of a child in a small boat out on the open, cold water. You are amazing! And what huge fish you caught! They are all bigger than your little man! WOW!