Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great day today, celebrating the 4th on Arcata plaza with good ol'4th of July fair Humboldt style complete with reggae music, organic free range hot dogs, balloon animals, hula hooping and lots of beer and oysters for the adults. This was my first time at the festivities and Forrest, Talin, and I had a good time with good friends for several hours this afternoon.
Talin was a trooper! Either wide eyed at all the excitement or sound asleep....

Forrest and neighbor Jerry

Forrest's first sparkler...VERY wary at first, I think I like that!

Liking it more!
Naps were had by the boys and then for the evening we went to our good neighbors house for a good neighborhood fireworks show! They don't blow off the real kind of fireworks out here where we are due to fire danger and the Eureka show is often covered in fog so this was it for us! Strawberry and vanilla icecream as well as more drinks topped the evening off and Forrest got his first real show of fireworks. He liked the sparklers okay but wasn't too much of a fan of the bigger fireworks that were noisemakers. A bit too much for him!
It was a great day none the less. One tired Forrest boy hit his bed hard tonight!

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Sheelagh said...

Happy 4th! Glad you enjoyed it! I was missing your neck of the woods as I used to go there as a kid every year! I even went to that festival before and ran the 1K (or one mile maybe) kid run they have. We had an amazing firework show of our own with my firefighter father in charge of it all!!! I miss those days and that beautiful place you live in!