Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting brave with two little boaters under THREE!!!


Even if Forrest is soon to be three, in 10 short days...we did succeed today in floating the river with our entire little family. We encountered white water...enough to make the boating extraordinaire hubby a bit nervous....a couple steelhead, (small, but still fighters!), some blissful moments of naked toddlerhood, some diaper drama, and a LOT of gorgeous sunshine and peaceful river watching.
Even though this river is literally in our backyard, I haven't been on it since summer, and this is Talin's first time floating the river. We had Forrest on it at the wee age of 3 -4 months. With Talin, though, given he and Forrest are a package deal, it's taken a bit longer.
We did more than survive though, and 5 hours later even made it home for nap time for the eldest Fulton boy.
The boys both had a blast and Talin even enjoyed a peaceful river snooze in his carseat for the final hour.

Forrest holding Talin's hand during one of the white water sections....very cute!

Forrest checking Dad's progress at getting the rods ready

Happy mama, happy baby!

"wooahh Talin, don't fall down...!"

Happy river boys

Forrest has the BIGGEST dump known to man, gets a clean diaper, and gets so happy he decides to bare it all!

Getting that pee-pee thing down I tell ya....

Little steelie for the Dad and super guide of the group

Some catch fish, others catch GATORS!!!!

We enjoyed the river, and Forrest kept entertained with his Gator dissecting his mechanical fish....whatever works!
What a great day. Hindsight is 20/20 but I'm so glad we just went out and did this. It takes time getting your confidence up with two little rugrats. We want to be the people who continue to do the things that we enjoy even with the kids. And being on the river, having fun with the river, and enjoying river adventures are what we do. We are river people after all, (as Forrest has been known to call us...) :-)
What do you think these two little boys will be?  Two future superb rafters/boaters/kayakers/fishers  perhaps?????

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Sheelagh said...

That is awesome! You are amazing! Whatever those little boys turn out to be, they will be confident around and in the water. How wonderful for them and for you!!! I bet they will do a bit of it all, what with adventurous parents like yourselves!

I love seeing those boys together and it looks like big brother Forest may have been a little protective of his little T baby. So cute!