Monday, March 19, 2012

The Ranch Bike Mobile!!!

Last weekend I got the idea, (and energy, and bravery!) to FINALLY hook our bike trailer, (Christmas present from Alex TWO Christmas's ago....-sorry honey, pregnant kiddie towing on these dirt roads was even too much for me!!!) to my mountain bike! My mtn. bike , (Jonna, if you are reading, yes, YOUR old bike I bought off you in PA school days!!!) has also seen better days, woefully ignored the last year due to, well, these two kiddies!

But, I finally decided that if I'm ever going to use this bike trailer which I have had dreams of doing, I'm turning it into an OFF-ROAD kiddie trailer! Works, ehh, decently, (yes, kids are in helmets when I'm riding Mom and Dad!!!) except for the occasional tendency for the thing to fall off my bike, (DON'T WORRY Grandma! It does have a safety mechanism and there is never any carnage when this happens, just some ummm, bad words on MY part and a quick fix and we are off and running again!)
We stay on the flat road of course, but have a 3/4 of a mile loop we can do. I can take both kids. But given Forrest's tendency to want to throttle Talin and the most inappropriate moments, (are there really appropriate ones? Probably not, but you know what I'm talking about!) this will probably be a solo bike carrier for awhile at least. Plus, I have a feeling a Cars helmet is a must for Forrest for him to be positive about the experience. We call the bike trailer his "race car" and a "racing Helmet" I believe is what it's going to take for it to be all kosher!
Who knows, Fulton Fat Bear Ranch today, Amgen Tour tomorrow!!!!

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Jonna said...

HA! So fun. We've pulled the girls around behind our mountain bikes before....bumpy ride!!