Saturday, March 17, 2012

The GREEN St. Patty's Day at the Fulton Family Home.....

 St. Patty's Day was low key at the Fulton house. We were ALL battling a bug, but nonetheless preserved to make it over to our wonderful neighbors house for a lovely dinner or corned beef, shamrock ravioli's, (thanks Costco!), Irish coffee, (the real deal!), and other green lovelies. Enjoy the pictures! Hope your day was filled with greenery and rainbows....
A beautiful ranch shamrock...a la Forrest...(and this crazy Mom like leprechaun!!!)

Morning Irish Coffee, (minus the alcohol...we're trying to beat the dealthy ol'spring cold here in this Fulton house!!!) But brought out the cute shamrock mugs from Grandma Sheila!

The CUTEST 10 month old little leprechaun around, Mr. T!
Forrest and I post Irish dinner at our neighbors!

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