Monday, January 21, 2013

A fishy frosty weekend

The setting for our inpromptu "date" afternoon on the river :-)

 hoarfrost [ˈhɔːˌfrɒst

(Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) a deposit of needle-like ice crystals formed on the ground by direct condensation at temperatures below freezing point Also called white frost

The above picture of, what appears to be a furry white rock amongst a background of snow is what we've been living in lately, and is actually frost! Hoarfrost to be exact, as my fun factoid of the day, (this term was new to me!) But, it actually does look like we've had snow around our neck of the woods. Places of the ground where the sun never hits during these long winter days has a thick covering of this beautiful crystal ice covering, crunchy when you walk on it, and very frozen.

Amidst hoarfrost and the deep dark days of January, winter steelhead fishing is upon us. Despite the freezing cold temps, the ice that has not left the ground for weeks, and fingers and toes that feel as if they could fall off I've got a husband who is, quite literally, foaming at the mouth to be on the water, the 36 degree water mind you, every day he can!
But, then again, catching something like THIS....

.... would just send that adrenalin through the roof wouldn't it!

We were lucky enough to get a "date" afternoon today. No wonderful little angel boys to bless us with their opinion of the weather, the snacks, and their lack of nap. And, to tell you the truth, it was just plain to cold for them anyhow. And yes, on this rare date afternoon we splurged on NOT the finest meal in town, nor the best movie playing at the theater, but, yes, ice cold steelhead fishing and the most beautiful sunny, but VERY chilly river scenery you could ask for. 

Yep this mama finally dusted off her fish fingers and got into some of the action herself. Despite the fact I have a fish lover husband, I have not actually had a fishing license for two years. Until today! I guess I've been busy training up my wee little fishermen and have let Alex do all the catching :-) I broke the new license in with these two beautiful fish, and lost two others just to make it exciting. It was awesome to say the least. So happy I have a fish guru hubby to take me on these spur of the moment adventures when we can spare a few hours of the day :-)


Sheelagh said...

Oh my gosh! What an awesome date! I LOVE it! You caught some big ones and both you and Alex look super duper happy!
But my oh my, how do you do that all without a hat on your cold head?!?!?!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

It went on later Sheelagh believe me!Actually I did forget my super duper warm hat, (or just in a rush to LEAVE my kiddos for my time with Alex didn't have time to grab it :-)
But one of my layers had a hood, a bright purple hood...that was well on while sitting in the boat but managed to fall off during the fight :-)