Saturday, January 12, 2013

Getting out in the cold!

Braving the cold temps, yes in shorts, (I think I just REALLY miss warm weather already!)
The name of the game in January in our neck of the woods is just how to brave the cold weather with two littles in tow, one of which hates jackets, gloves, and the sort....
Getting outside is generally just what we do. We have a teeny tiny house, two little energizer bunny boys, and to have us all cooped up on days off inside just isn't an option. Plus, Alex and I BOTH do better and feel better when we get outside, whether it be fishing or going on a run or hike, it's just what makes us tick.
Our little Brother is the better one at getting the warm clothes on!

Blue snow bunny!

So, we're getting out there and doing it! Sometimes only for an hour or two, sometimes for half the day. The boys go with, and they generally have a great time too. Alex's primary solo spot is below where he may or may not have been catching some epic and beautiful steelhead in what we term "the ice box". This hike is about a 1,000+ ft. scramble straight up and down on rain and ice slicked rock. It really is the pinnacle of salmon and steelhead fishing for Alex in this special Trinity River spot. I can stay it really it is his home away from home...

PS....Just 33 days till we get to escape the frigid fun for a few days in the beautiful Hawaii....I'm not counting the days or anything....;-)

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Sheelagh said...

I forgot you"re going to Hawaii!!! Awesome! Have so much fun! Just 33 days?!?! I hope you get soem good days out and some good fish before you go....and no more sickies!