Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sweet Talin Moments

This little guy will be 20 months in just a few days, WOW! Having missed his big 1 1/2 year old milestone update, which I consider a fairly momentous occasion, I feel like I need to catch up a bit. T baby, no longer really a baby but still is considered such in our family, is growing by leaps and bounds. The biggest development recently has been his vocabulary. Still jabbering like an ewok from a distant land, but those words are becoming more and more clear. His fav is the infamous "NO!" or just a "no???" he uses it in all forms. We're working on "Yes". He also has "All done Mom!" which I love, as he has always done the "all done" sign really well and love that he now has the words with the sign. He also has down "bye bye" usually with a wave and blowing kisses, and of course Mama, Dada, GO! (usually in reference to his older bro), and recently we got a "Love you!" out of him. Body parts are also coming also such as nose and ears. "Tinkey!( in a poo..) is also there too! "Please" and "Tank you" come often as well ;-)
Talin enjoying his new chair from Santa...he's a kid who likes to get some R and R once in ahile!
conked out with Dad

Angel Baby!

Enjoying the sunshine!

walking with Mama

All smiles!

River boy

Getting help from Granny

All smiles with 'Papa!
Talin is in a really smiley phase right now. He'll bust the "CHEEEEESE" out most times a camera is pointed at him which is awesome! In know it probably won't last, but soaking it up while I can. He's pickier than his brother with food, loves, cereal with milk, apples, noodles, and yogurt. Everything else it depends on the hour and he's known for plain refusing things on sight just because of the look of it. I'm trying to ride it out, figuring if he gets hungry enough he'll eat, but find myself and giving in, to say, two yogurts and two apples a day just wanting to ensure he's getting in the calories to prevent the hungry baby breakdown. He still loves his pacifier. By this time Forrest had given up his, but Talin is indeed a different kid and seems to really want it. We're now going to limit it to nap and bed time in preparation for becoming a baby plug fee household!
He is a dancing machine and is SO funny when the mood strikes him. I will work on getting video of these moments!
Speaking of video, one follows. It's a bit long, and really the best part is at the end if you want to skip the enldless jabber and rocking horse riding that fills it ;-) I don't take enough videos of the kids, which is silly, given how easy it is these days on the phone. I actually prefer pictures to videos when looking at other blogs, but I also realize how cute their little voices and and how their little sounds, walks, and dances change so soon and video is really the only way to capture these moments. So, I'm aiming for at least one good video a month of the kids. We'll see!!!!!

We're so loving Talin's sweetness and bubbly personality. He is a cutie to boot too!!!!!

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