Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Resolutions...If I must...

I've been debating whether to do a New Year's post. It is cliche, but hey, I actually enjoy having a date as a way to start a new goal, or several new goals. OR ACTUALLY, new habits if I could be precise. Good blogging buddy and rowing pal Sheelagh has an excellent resolution post so I figured, hey, WHY THE HECK NOT!!!!
Order is actually key to my resolutions. I have now learned, from my first 3 1/2 years of mama-hood, that, well, ORDER is a good thing. Because kids are not orderly, anything but actually. So if the parental figures at least strive to be orderly, the little testosterone filled beings will at least SEEM partially managable. Maybe. Such as, clean clothes to wear, healthy good food to fill their bellys at those key times, and lovely outdoor time to sap some of that endless energy away.
So yes, lots of energy, in the most unorderly way.
Maybe it's the fact I have to be extremely scheduled in my profession. A person scheduled every 15 minutes, sometimes two every 15 minutes. Surgery at 730 am sharp. Call starting at 5pm. Kids picked up from daycare at 530 and no later. You get the picture.
My point. I think on my "home time" I almost dwell in the unordilness because, well, this PA is TIRED! Tired of being on time. Tired of accomplishing so many tasks in a set time. And tired of being told EXACTLY how late she is by the certain patient that loves to remind you of such things, (And I get it, I do, time is valuable! SO valuable...)
The thing is that I am usually known to be on time at work. At home, however, I love to just hang and let the day progress. This is not to say I'm not making breakfast, changing poopy diapers, doing dishes, having morning coffee, etc...often all at once. I just LOVE not being any one particular place at a single time. Maybe it's the fact we live an hour from town, thus I have to leave 1 1/2 hours before I actually have to be at work in order to get everyone to their appropriate schooling/kiddie care/house, etc.
Now yes, there is a point. Despite all of this, This family needs some order. Order put towards laundry, workouts for mama, my medical profession while at home, etc. As I know now, it actually makes things EASIER. And easier for this family is a must so we don't all self combust in disorderly chaos. (Mental image of Forrest's favorite Captain America rescuing us from self combustion inserted here...:-)
But really. More planning, more order=less stress because things are DONE, less time wasted, healthier bodies, etc.
A picture summary of my goals for 2013 follow....
Keep up by staying no more than 72 hours behind. Which means I need to dictate or electronically chart nightly. The bullshit (pardon the words but it is deserved) electronic medical records are here for good. Despite the fact it is awful, it NEEDS to happen on time. This is a must. This is the single part of my job I dread as it builds up so fast. But if I can keep up, my stress level will decrease tremendously! This equals a healthy Mama and Katie :-)

5 loads a weekend during winter months. Summer months are better. Alex will help out during the week I hope! Clean clothes in the correct spot during the week make the mornings SO much better!

This goes in line with me just keeping my body in better shape. Less computer, sitting on my butt, indoor time, more outside, working out, getting on my bike, playing with my kids time. Weather permitting we WILL do it!!!

I need to plan a bit on the weekends. Even if just one late morning activity a day before lunch. This all works so much better when I'm mentally prepared for it.

So there you have it. The cliche loose weight, get healthier, feel stronger are definitely there, don't get me wrong. But the above are my hopes for our household. That and lots of exciting adventures with our two boys, (which is a given....:-)

Oh yeah...and HAWAII!!!!! (One month but who's counting!!!!!)


Ashley said...

Well said Katie!

Sheelagh said...

I'm counting! I'm couting! ONE MONTH! I can't wait for you to get warm and have time with your lover man! So awesome! I really want to see some pictures so I can try to feel the warmth from within the computer! :-)
Please please please blog it!

And yes! Organization. That is another one I need to work on too.....I say as I catch up on blogs while there are mounds of clean and dirty laundry to fold and/or wash! But heck, my resolution is to do more for me, right. ;-)

Love you and your family sooooo much! I am always waiting for the next grand adventure from the Fultons! Thank you for sharing your fun stuff as well as your tough stuff as well as your plans to keep the fun coming while blowing away the tough stuff (enter super hero my house, Spiderman!).

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Super heros will rescue us all right Sheelagh! What really is it about superheros' and our boys. I think I should do a post about my spare time...haha!!! Bc. Forrest is obsesed! He has NEVER watched spider man, superman, OR capt. America on TV or movies but yet, OBSESSED!!! crazy!
And, my good friend. I have learned order from YOU. During our trips together, as I think I've already mentioned. You and John have a great way to put order to the chaos. It really is needed and makes things better to at least strive to do that most of the time...for ME. you, on the other hand, keep blogging!

Sheelagh said...

Thank you,. That is a nice complement. I think it's my home that needs the organization. The life part of it is more under control than I think sometimes...and more than it needs to be sometimes too as I am a little bit anal being home with all these kids! :-P
Yes! I need to blog....I'll get right on it. :-)