Saturday, May 4, 2013

Afternoon Stroll

Little Man with a mission

 I don't think I need to tell anyone else about the gorgeous weather we're having, I think it pretty much includes the entire west coast!  Foggy Eureka who normally never hits above 72 as a high in a year was in the mid 80's today. CRAZY! Out in our neck of the woods, (hehe!) it's actually just perfect. High 80's, low 90's, and gorgeous. A bit breezy in the evenings but we're out and about as much as possible.

 These two guys LOVE the outdoors. I guess any kid growing up in our household would at least learn to like the outdoor life at least a bit, but I do think we're pretty blessed that these babes just adore it. Forrest would have stayed outside, in the sun, sans clothes of course all day if I hadn't had mandated a rest time. He then crashed for a good 2hours which I know his body needed. Talin is absolutely more fair, we're going to have to watch his delicate white baby skin this year. But he also loves to run and play, go on walks, check on the garden, and all the other fun stuff you can get into outside!
Using our single trusty BOB over and over again for these two boys!

I'm not sure what we're all looking at but a cute picture of these two little guys nonetheless!
And since loosing our wonderful river beach for awhile while the mighty Trinity rages for a bit, I've invested in this year's water toys! Forrest loves the new shark slip n slide, (which I must admit, from personal, uhh, use, is VERY fun!!! no better way to cool off after a bike workout than slide in a water drenched shark mouth!)
Here's a little peak into our walk, thanks to Magisto. I don't necessarily know if I would have included our conversation about Ticks into the chosen moments, but, ahh well, life in the sticks! Enjoy!

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Sheelagh said...

Man. Those boys are super cute! I love being outside too, though there isn't much of a forest out our door. We do love the local park and it has a sand pit, so that's kinda like the river....kinda. :-P