Saturday, May 18, 2013

'Papa turns Grrrrrandpa visits!!!!

The title is in reference to Forrest suddenly deciding Papa is now Grrrandpa, with the hard r and all. He actually says it pretty well, we'll have to see how it all sorts out :-)
My Dad came for Mr. Talin's festivities as well as a much anticipated bike ride with me and his Eugene friend, Rob. We had a blast! The ride was awesome, and my McGiver Dad even saved the day and was able to make my two broken spoke wheel into something rid-able at mile 35 which was our little adventure of the day. We also took some great walks and the weather was great. I'll put up the bike ride pictures in another post. Enjoy!
Forrest and his crazy eyes...

stroller vs. 4 year old, guess who won?

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