Sunday, May 12, 2013

Talin Turns TWO!!!

Two Years Young....on the afternoon of his birthday, barefoot and carefree :-)

Cutie blondie big TWO year old!

This year Talin and I did a bit of a switch a roo on the whole Birthday/Mother's Day dealio. You see, my Mother's Day was to ride a big bike ride with my Dad, which is a complete sans kids event. Soooo, I took Talin's big May 11th day for the Tour of the Unknown Coast, (pictures to come later,) and we celebrated Talin's big day May 12th, Mother's Day with an ice cream party!
Peanut butter chocolate sauce, homegrown strawberries, M&M's, and more, what more could any kid or adult want??? For us hungry post big bike rider parents and grandparents, it was heaven. And judging from the looks on these kiddo's faces, it was pretty darn good for them as well!
YUM MOM! I'll take this one, and this one, and two of that one.....

Checking out all the special ice cream toppings

Talin didn't quite know what to think with all of his neighbor friends singing to him!

Happy little guys

Our neighbors and family friend Rob were there to help celebrate with Talin!(notice the new construction in the background...boys' new room, YAY!!!)
Talin and his 'Papa....what more could a two year old want...or need!

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Sheelagh said...

So cool...the party and your ride. I love the ice cream party ideas. What fun for a 2 year old! Looks yummy too...mmmmmm!
Happy Mother's Day/two year anniversary of Talin's birth! ;-)