Thursday, May 2, 2013

Early river rugrats...

We hardly ever get to enjoy our river this early in the year. In fact, starting yesterday they started their yearly release of water down the river which takes away our beach usually for the better part of 6 weeks.This year, however, we snuck in a few river afternoons, capitolizing on the wonderful weather we've been having before the big release. And....this year is classified as a dry year for us, (uggh) so they are releasing far less water down the river and we will get our beach back by early June...maybe! I guess this is one little plus on the whole negative side of looking at a drought year and possibly a very hot summer.
Regardless, we enjoy our beach so much. Forrest has a blast down there. He's not quite swimming yet, as the river is very cold, but he has a great time making sand castles, throwing rocks, and just enjoying our little piece of paradise. Talin is very cute as well, but has a bit of an issue with the sand, and dirty hands, and with his mama jumping in to cool off, (he'll have to get used to all of this and I'm sure he will!)
We're looking very much forward to this second home down on the bank of the Trinity River and enjoying time in paradise with our family and friends come this summer :-)

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Sheelagh said...

Ahhhhhh. Looks sooo nice!