Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Big 10!

That's right, the little Forrest man is 10 months! Where did time go? He is already into the double digits. And walking( with some new kicks which I hope you notice!), talking baby garble, drooling, and cutting teeth like a little boy ready to grow up! He is a whopping 21.5 pounds, and is an incredible active dude. Walking, talking, popping three teeth, (with the fourth on it's way and crawling for the in between times he can't quite pull himself up. And has never been sick a day in his young life! Ain't that amazing! I had an awful cold 2 weeks ago and was sure he would catch the little virus's swimming along as I breastfed him, bathed him, and played with him. But no! He escaped AND Alex did as well! Makes me wonder how much the stress of my job is a factor in my sickliness, despite it's rarity.
All in all Forrest is as thriving baby, loving interaction, food, and friends! ( I know that sounds cheesy but it is the truth!) He starts a new daycare situation next week with 4 new friends that sounds fabulous! Wish us luck with these double digit months!


Ashley said...

Wow double digits! And nice shoes! Good luck with day care!

Sheelagh said...

Oh how did they get so big? These boys of ours! What a cutie and yes, those are some sweet shoes!