Friday, January 1, 2010

The decade of changes

When I think of this past decade, and all that has happened in my life, it makes me exhausted...and proud...and again exhausted....
Many people have called this decade a bad one, one they are glad to see close. I guess it shows it takes all kinds of people to make this world go 'round because this decade...the decade of my 20's....was completely amazing.
Yes, it was filled with sadness, passing of close family members, and times I would rather forget. The decade started with the 20th year of my life, a back surgery that was huge, and even huger for a 20 year old who felt she was invincible. It then progressed with graduating from college, choosing a career path, attending PA school, and then starting my career. It included meeting the love of my life, marrying him, building a fantastic home on a beautiful ranch, and then, amazingly, having the most perfect little boy imaginable.
And this is just the big stuff.
It's really the small stuff that counts though.
The FAMILY that has been with me, loved me, supported me, every step of the way, through tests, financial struggle, sickness, and happiness. The FRIENDS who have amazingly taught me so much. Those friends at UCSB, who I rowed with, laughed with, felt sleep deprived with, and WON RACES with! And those friends I studied with, learned from, stressed with, and enjoyed life with. Those individuals are have made this decade a great one. I have moved around a ton these past 10 years. I have spent my 20's getting to know California in a great way, and have thankfully, made some lifelong friends along the way as well. Without all my friends and family, this last decade, the decade of my 20's, the decade where I can decidedly say I grew up, attacked life, at times got beaten down by life, and really found my happiness, would not have been one FRACTION of the greatness it is.
Not even close.
What an awsome year, and a terrific set of 10 years.
Thank you to all of you, my family, friends, colleagues, and everyone in between....
And to my 30' begin THIS year....
I welcome you! I am hopefull you will be a bit more stable....full of adventures....and a bit less stressful....and full of love, life lessons, and fun!
Happy New Year!


Sheelagh said...

This is a great post! I have so many of the same thoughts and experiences, it was like reading my own decade post! Crazy! No back surgery here or big career though! But rowing and college and graduation and love and marriage and lost loves and starting new lives and those wonderful 20s and babies.

You ARE amazing!!! And I am so glad we started out the decade as friends and are closing it in the same fashion! Wonderful!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

they were very similar Sheelagh, just got around to reading yours....!And it is awesome to start and end the decade with some common friends still...thanks to the internet! 10 years, wow!